Welcome to Our (New) Porch

Hello, Candle Friends, and welcome to our brand spankin’ new website!

This is just the next step in a journey that started almost exactly one year ago.

I love to burn soy candles, and as a relatively “crafty” person, I thought it would be fun to try pouring one of my own. I hopped over to Hobby Lobby, purchased a soy candle kit, came home and dove right in. It was fun! I was so excited to light it. When the time finally came the wick burned right down the center and extinguished itself. What a disappointment! I googled why this would happen (what else was a girl to do?) and that simple google search began a turn of events that has led to today. I researched, practiced, burned candles, and researched and practiced some more. 

Pretty soon I had Facebook and Instagram pages and $100 in orders! It was amazing to receive the support of those early patrons and it continued to grow and grow and grow. 

And now…here we are. The last year has been such a rush of new experiences. I’ve poured hundreds of candles and melts, met a multitude of wonderful people, and continue to learn the ins and outs of owning a business. I was lucky enough to share my candles at the DeWitt Farmers Market, Autumn Fest in Dewitt, and the Newbo City Market in Cedar Rapids. 

The journey continues. Thank you for sharing in it with us.



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